World-Famous Ron Clark Academy Changes the Game with Panasonic Edtech

Ron Clark inspires and draws crowds wherever he goes. It’s not only because his Atlanta-based middle school, the Ron Clark Academy, has been named by Oprah Winfrey as “The Best School in America,” or even because he is the author of a New York Times bestseller on reimagining how lessons are taught. Ron Clark inspires people with his infectious enthusiasm, which is the foundation for his method of teaching that dispels archaic hands-off teaching and preaches dynamic, interactive lessons that elevate students’ engagement and performance.

Since opening in 2007, Ron Clark Academy has become a sensation and attracted more than 27,000 educators from around the world who want to learn about the school’s teaching style and philosophy.

One distinguishing element those visitors see is Panasonic’s Enhanced Audio solution throughout RCA’s classrooms. The Enhanced Audio system features wearable pendant-style teacher microphones (WX-LT350) and wireless handheld student mics. This reduces strain on teacher’s voices from having to speak at unnaturally high levels, and also empowers soft-spoken students to speak clearly.

To meet the demand for teacher training and development, Ron Clark unveiled an innovative educator facility in early 2015. This world-class training institute was inspired by Harry Potter, and in that spirit is adorned by a two-story dragon, grand hall with fiery floors and tunnels and secret passageways.

A key part of the high-impact, immersive experience created by the institute is a massive Panasonic video wall. The dazzling installation is comprised of 40 55-inch ultra-thin bezel professional LED displays (TH-55LFV5U), which created seamless, clear and show-stopping imagery. This is achieved through the exceptional image quality and visibility of the panels, which allows for wide-angle viewing so students at any location in the room can see the videos’ pictures. The panels also boast one of the thinnest bezels in the industry (3.5mm bezel to bezel) and deliver images so vibrant they can be seen even with the lights on (thanks to the 700cd/m2 level of brightness and LED backlighting).

The video wall is a tremendous asset for the revolving door of educators eager to be trained: Ron can show videos of classroom teaching to twice as many teachers at once without disrupting ongoing classes. Also, because the room is multipurpose in nature, the video wall can help “set the tone” for various different events. For example, if there are sporting events going on, the video wall can function as scoreboards. During student assemblies, students can make videos about the topic at hand and present them on the video wall.

Said Ron, “When we wanted to make magic happen, we called Panasonic.”

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