Improving Healthcare Outcomes with Scanning Technology

One thing is clear: the way healthcare providers’ record, store and share information and patient data is undergoing a fundamental change. As Electronic Health Records continue to transform the healthcare landscape, the ability to convert paper documents into usable data that can flow into any database, EHR or CRM application is more critical than ever. Healthcare decision makers need to select scanning solutions that combine reliable, state-of-the-art hardware with powerful software to ensure the entire paper-to-digital workflow is faster, simpler and more accurate.

To achieve these goals, consider the following key features when selecting a scanning solution for your healthcare facility:

  • Security: With valuable patient data at stake, keeping private information safe is critical. Digitizing healthcare documents enables storage on secure, local servers for easy back-up and retrieval. In addition, confidential documents can be stored with password protection, limiting the number of individuals who may access the information.
  • Flexibility: With the varying stock weights and sizes used in healthcare facilities, scanners need to be able to adapt quickly to handle whatever paper type comes its way. Scanners that can also detect disturbances, such as double-feed pages, staples or paper clips, will also help to protect the machine and the integrity of the scanned documents.
  • Reliability: There’s no pause button in healthcare facilities, so it’s important to choose a scanning solution that is reliable and able to keep up. New features like long life feed rollers, sealed lenses and self-cleaning imagers give certain scanner models a leg-up on their competitors.

In a recent Health Data Management study, healthcare executives identified the top three direct benefits of using scanning technology in their health care facility. They include the ease of transferring paper records to a digital format, time savings and efficiency provided by scanning solutions, and an overall improvement in patient care. With outcomes like these, it’s clear that healthcare administrators need to look beyond the exam room when carefully selecting the technology they plan to implement in their facility to improve workflow and the overall patient experience.

To learn more about the direct, measurable benefits of advanced scanning technology, download the Panasonic infographic here: Improving Healthcare Outcomes with Technology.