Top QSR Technology for Inventory Management

In a study commissioned by the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, it was found that approximately 80 billion pounds of food are discarded into US landfills every year. For the restaurant industry, which generates 37 percent of that waste, that amount can seriously affect the bottom line. By adding digital menu boards and a rugged tablet solution to their existing inventory management system, restaurants and specifically Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), can improve facility ROI while increasing sales and profits.

With the need to sell items in a timely fashion, utilizing upselling tactics via dynamic digital menu boards has proven to be an effective solution. According to a Digital Signage Today report, “Digital Menu Boards and ROI,” restaurants typically see a 3-5 percent increase in any digitally promoted item on menu boards. With digital menu boards that are able to push out promotions and feature specific items based on food availability, operators have the opportunity to take a proactive approach to balancing inventory. Highlighting key food items during specific dayparts or for specific demographics can influence customer purchasing in real-time, allowing QSRs to be more responsive and control inventory dynamically.

Inventory management can also go mobile by equipping managers with a rugged tablet computer. Whether they’re going from the back office to the front of house, managers with tablets will no longer be stuck in the back office. Managers can now be on the restaurant floor where it matters, adding information in real-time, while reducing the amount of paper used in the restaurant with the assistance of a portable tablet device built to survive the fast-paced QSR environment.

Operators should avoid deploying consumer-grade tablets – these may be great for use on your couch, but won’t withstand the falls and spills that will likely occur in a restaurant setting. They should be seeking a mobile tablet that can withstand harsh QSR environments, such as inventory counts in the freezer, the high temperatures of the kitchen or line busting in the outdoor drive-thru. With an enterprise mobility tablet, operators will have peace of mind knowing they’re are getting the highest ROI.

If restaurants want to improve their bottom line while simultaneously limiting food waste, they should turn to digital signage and mobile computing as two pieces to the inventory management puzzle.

Looking for ways to reduce your waste and increase ROI? Enterprise mobile tablets offer a solution.