Projection Mapping Commemorates 555th Anniversary on World’s Second Largest Building

For couples, a first year anniversary is traditionally celebrated with paper. The fiftieth year is celebrated with gold. But how would you celebrate a 555th anniversary? The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania went for a temporary facelift, impressing a crowd of 100,000 with a stunning projection mapping display!


As the second largest building in the world, the Bucharest Parliament needed some powerful projectors to cover the 60,000-square-foot architecture for the “Days of Bucharest.” To do this, they employed 105 of Panasonic’s PT-DZ21K series projectors. These projectors provided 20,000 lm of brightness each and were installed across six towers in the Palace of Parliament. With the intricate design of the building’s façade and army of projectors, the design team drew upon the PT-DZ21K’s Edge Blending technology to stitch together the final image seamlessly. The projectors also delivered 3D color management, sharpness control, and digital noise reduction, which allowed the massive picture to feel even more lifelike.


The spectacular display concluded with Romania’s national colors – blue, yellow and red – projected across the Bucharest Parliament.

Check out the dazzling show below. How will they top this next year?

Images courtesy of The Creators Project