4K Technology Moves to the Business World

How has the explosion of visual content influenced your everyday lives? More than 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube and 300 million photos are being posted each day on Facebook. That is a lot of content! What draws people in?

Often, we are simply being drawn to the most realistic images. The market is moving towards using 4K content to have a greater influence on customers by providing high volume and high quality information though the images created. 4K technology offers high resolution, benefiting industries where viewing, sharing, and interpreting information has an impact on driving innovation. Right now, we’re seeing 4K adoption in video production, architecture, retail, security and healthcare. Let’s look further on how 4K technology is expanding in these areas:

  • Video production uses 4K technology as a solution for on-set review of shots, lighting, and color.
  • Large-scale outdoor venues are able to provide incredible real-world demonstrations on 4K LED video boards. The world’s largest 4K video board is used as a centerpiece at Churchill Downs, consisting of 15,224-square feet, allowing tens of thousands of fans to experience the excitement at the racetrack specifically for “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”: the Kentucky Derby.
  • Retail and hospitality businesses are improving the customer experience with interactive 4K displays and digital signage solutions. In the retail and hospitality environments, the 4K displays provide convenience and accessibility for its customers. The technology allows for customers to scan articles of clothing tagged with RFIDs and gives customers access to see what the items of clothing will look like in advance when worn.
  • High-end visual productions like those in museums use 4K technology to deliver high- brightness, pixel-quadrupling technology in these large-venues for their audience. The 4K projection technology shifts pixels two-dimensionally in both horizontal and vertical directions creating sharp 4K video signals.
  • Security has benefited greatly from 4K technology by reducing liabilities and protecting assets for businesses. Providing more effective surveillance solutions, 4K displays offer sharper images of individual screens on multi-screen displays, reducing the installation space for monitors. By capturing more information through wide angles, this allows for fewer cameras for security purposes. The 4K cameras provide recognition of potential threats by using facial recognition software and as well as the option for zoom in properties.
  • Workforces on the go are able to use 4K tablet PC’s to view detailed visual information driving better business results. Workers in industries such as architecture, video production, engineering, and healthcare are able to view, share, manage, manipulate, and interpret complex visual information with the option of being in the field or the office.

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