Reigniting the Glory of Olympic Moments through Museum Technology

For a generation dominated by YouTube, Instagram and smartphones, how do you capture museum-goers’ full attention? In 2011, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland went through a full renovation to reignite the excitement and great accomplishments of the Olympic Games.

Museum curator Frederique Jamolli said, “When visitors go to the museum, I think that most of them want to re-live the emotions of the competition, what happens in the stadiums during the Olympic Games.”

To inspire the ‘wow effect’ for the 200,000+ visitors each year, the Olympic Museum installed a 180-degree video wall featuring five of Panasonic’s projectors using edge-blending and geometric- alignment software. In addition, the renovated museum includes AV, multimedia and other speech mediums, making it the largest archive for the Olympic Games in the world. 27 flat-panel LCD displays and digital mapping have allowed for the combination of moving and still images as well as the protection from a constant light source. A customized surveillance system has also been installed in order to guarantee a secure and lasting experience for the museum and its visitors.

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