#TBT: Panasonic camera continues to provide security in Paris

Talk about a Throwback Thursday! Beginning with the world’s first security camera in 1957, Panasonic is known for delivering unmatched performance, reliability and value… and this photo of a still-functioning Panasonic WV-BP13O camera “discovered” in the basement of the Hard Rock Café in Paris proves that reputation!

Here’s a description of the camera, sold from 1998-2001:

The Panasonic WV-BP13O series solid-state CCD black and white camera series incorporates a 1/3 interline transfer CCD pick-up device. Combining Panasonic’s reliable state-of-the-art technology with a supersensitive 1/3 CCD chip resulting in a general purpose camera, featuring a favorable cost/performance ratio. High-density 298,000-pixel 1/3 CCD enables a dramatic increase in sensitivity of 0.08 lx at F1.4. The WV-BP13O series feature backlight compensation (BLC), electronic light control (ELC) and VD2 sync capability with Panasonic system products for large system application.

We’ve certainly come a long way in the last sixteen years, including the latest addition to our security suite, the i-PRO ULTRA 360 panoramic indoor and outdoor cameras – the first in a series of 4K video surveillance products from Panasonic. Similar to the WV-BP130 above, the ULTRA 360 cameras are built to last, featuring an anti-shock vandal resistant chassis that meets IP66 standards for dust and water resistance and are EN 50155 compliant for on-vehicle applications.

Many thanks to our friend Ralph Jensen at Security Products for sharing this photo with us!