Integrated POS Solutions Boost Security and Deter Theft at Quick Service Restaurants

Proper security and monitoring tools have become increasingly important since the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry reported a 7% sales drop due to theft, and franchises sometimes don’t have to look very far when determining the source of the problem.  According to the National Restaurant Association, internal theft accounts for 75% of inventory shortage, while the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported that half of previous offenders will steal again.

Taking into consideration these statistics, QSRs must be diligent in ensuring employee theft is monitored and inventory is protected. Currently, most QSRs operate their POS terminals and surveillance systems in silos. The process entails reviewing hours of security tape, making it difficult to quickly detect theft or inventory loss. Additionally, these systems lack large storage capabilities and often auto-delete or record over past footage, potentially erasing evidence of a crime.

QSRs are beginning to take notice of the benefits of an integrated surveillance and POS solution to help improve security efforts.  By combining the power of video surveillance technology with point-of-sale systems, recorded video footage can be easily synced with transactional data, giving operators critical insight that can improve store operations and reduce loss. For example, the Panasonic virtual site manager solution not only prevents significant revenue loss, but operators have the capability to monitor store operations from anywhere in the world through a connected network.

In addition to protecting against theft and loss of inventory, these integrated solutions provide video intelligence that can help operators protect themselves against fraudulent injury claims by capturing activities in key locations around the store, discouraging deceptive personal injury and workman’s compensation claims. The integrated surveillance and POS solution is tied directly to the security video without being altered, making the footage admissible in a court of law.

With the level of theft contributing to an increasingly marginalized profit, proper security solutions are becoming an imperative tool for any QSR. Having an integrated surveillance and POS system will not only discourage employee theft within the food service industry, it will be able to quickly and accurately discern if an incident did occur.

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