Bringing Digital Signage Benefits to the Drive Thru

Individuals aren’t the only ones who have to keep up with technology in the digital age. Businesses that want to succeed must also embrace a digital strategy to keep consumer approval up and increasing costs down. With over two thirds of all fast food business occurring at the drive thru, an investment there could drastically impact consumer sentiment and the bottom line.

Many factors are making fast food restaurants consider the switch to a more integrated system. Static signage limits the opportunity for fast food establishments to capitalize on constantly changing consumer behavior and nutrition regulations. Weather conditions and vandalism also have restaurant owners considering enhanced options for their outdoor displays.

Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) need reliable, integrated drive-thru solutions that improve efficiency, increase speed of service, reduce waste and enable strong brand promotion to boost profitability and drive better business outcomes with their investment. Digital signage is a foundation piece when starting to build up a larger drive thru system. According to a Networld Media Group report, “Digital Menu Boards and ROI,” restaurants typically see a 3-5 percent increase in any digitally promoted item on menu boards, suggesting that the digital signage system usually pays for itself in one year or less. Upselling items based on promotional events or high inventory is another benefit of digital signage that can increase sales and reduce waste, and in turn increase the overall bottom line.

Our new fully-integrated digital drive-thru solution brings the power of digital menu boards and integrated audio/video to the drive-thru. Our outdoor-ready solution combines weather-resistant digital menu boards, audio, video, on-board order confirmation and software/services for a fully-integrated solution that can help them gain that all-important competitive advantage. For the companies that want further insight into their business model, assistance with content creation as well as performance analytics are also available.

ROI has become more than a simple calculation. Restaurateurs must consider the use of a digital drive thru solution in terms of increased sales opportunities, staff productivity, and customer retention. In today’s world, QSRs have to be more than just fast; patrons want affordability, order accuracy, and to dine at restaurants that are as tech savvy as they are.

Check out the infographic we created with Digital Signage Today on the benefits of digital signage in the drive thru: