Surveillance Techniques Transforming Traditional Perception of Hotel Security

As with any working system, the key to success is maintenance, and hotel security is no exception. Instead of relying on surveillance technologies to provide reactive support in response to disruptive events, the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in Florida is one of many facilities working towards becoming a proactive participant in guest security and staff management by utilizing Panasonic Security Solutions. In this case, Panasonic technology was specifically selected for its ability to withstand tough Florida weather conditions and the impressive visual performance quality.

Stephen Smithers, director of information systems at GATE Hospitality Group, believes that an efficient security system is the core to running a safe and successful hotel property. In a recent Hotel Business article, Smithers explained that “everything we do is driven by guests and members. We have to make sure that when they’re here on property, that they have the best experience, so to give them the peace of mind of knowing they’re safe – it’s invaluable.”

Hoteliers must first understand their security expectations and budget restraints before deciding on what products to invest in. Smithers and Robertelli, CEO of Comvox Systems, the systems integrator for the property, both agree that the price for total security of a hotel runs steep, but not at the expense of the business or the customers. Hotels should be less concerned about initial costs of a surveillance system and instead focus on how the system can minimize risk. Robertelli agrees that “the camera system minimizes financial exposure” for hotels and that the cost of surveillance systems has gone down drastically over the last few years.

Traditionally, hotels have utilized their surveillance systems to keep guests and staff safe and secure. More recently, with advanced technology and more comprehensive systems, hotels can now use alternative features such as facial recognition, heat mapping, people counting and dwell time to analyze current business procedures, manage employee compliance and implement services such as digital signage and interactive wayfinding kiosks. As analytics from these surveillance technologies begin to integrate into the larger security system, facilities will not only be able to maintain the safety of guests and staff, but also improve employee productivity and enhance the overall guest experience.