Panasonic Video Wall Piecing Together the Road Map in Portugal

Motorists in Portugal can take comfort in knowing that when they’re driving down the 1,100 kilometers of road operated by BRISA Innovation, they’re not the only ones with eyes on the road. For BRISA, Portugal’s largest motorway management company, the surveillance technology at their Operational Control Centre allows them to manage mobility as well as act as a first responder in any unforeseen event or accident.

With safety being BRISA’s top concern, they had to select a technology that would reliably provide quality video of real time road conditions. “We had a lot of problems with our previous videowall,” said Pedro Sobral, Project Manager, BRISA Inovação e Tecnologia. “However, the new Panasonic displays look more modern, are more efficient, and are reliable enough that we can depend on them every day year round, maximizing the availability of the operational tools within BRISA’S Operational Control Centre.”

When BRISA decided to update their video monitoring system, they sought out a solution that would allow them to benefit from exceptional image quality and reduce maintenance costs. Working with Panasonic, they developed a system that includes a wall of 44 TH-55LFV5W 55-inch screens which enable BRISA staff to simultaneously monitor various areas of the motorway.

“The Panasonic TH-55LFV5W has been especially designed for the control room market, thanks to its antiglare surface which prevents any reflection, thereby making information clearer and more visible,” said Oriol Massagué, Product Manager, Panasonic Visual System Solutions. “Direct LED backlighting reproduces black tones in dark areas and displays bright areas more vibrantly, while the IPS panel provides a wide viewing angle from anywhere.”

While BRISA needs to have multiple views of the road, the Panasonic screens that make up the videowall have such a slim frame (5.3mm width of screen-joining borders) that if the technology was to be used for a single image, there would be almost no discontinuity in the picture. While BRISA appreciates the quality of the images they see, their main concern when deciding on a technology provider was that the products would be extremely reliable and capable of working seamlessly 24 hours a day, all year around, without interruption. Traffic never stops and now, with their Panasonic videowall, BRISA Innovation has a solution that can keep up with the vehicles on the road.