West Fire Systems Ensures Safety with Advanced Telephony Solution

When emergency strikes, having a reliable communication system is critical to ensuring everyone’s safety. West Fire Systems is no stranger to danger. The company manufactures fire alarm detection systems, otherwise known as those little red “pull for fire” boxes. When triggered, the boxes serve to quickly notify authorities to ensure help arrives as quickly as possible.

Based in the city of Rochester, New York, West Fire Systems distributes, designs, and installs fire alarm detection systems for clients around the state and needs functional and stable communication lines for its business operations. Recently, West Fire Systems reached out to distributor Monarch Telecom Inc., for help updating its Panasonic phone system that had served the company for many years, yet was nearing its end of life.

As a service provider in the emergency field, communications systems have to function with unwavering accuracy.  West Fire Systems knew what its ideal phones system required: stability, consistency and a system that provided grow-as-you-go capabilities. Due to the company’s satisfaction with its previous Panasonic system and phones, and under the guidance of Monarch Telecom, West Fire Systems decided on a hybrid solution of VoIP and copper wire lines – a favorite of the emergency response industry.

Monarch Telecom Inc. provided the ideal endpoints: the Panasonic KX-TDA50G, a hybrid IP-PBX telephone system; the Panasonic KX-TVA50, a voice processing system; and the Panasonic KX-DT346, a LCD Display Digital Telephone. The hybrid IP-PBX solution expands to 56 extensions, accommodating growth for the company. In addition, the solution can support up to 12 hardwire analog connections, allowing the company to leverage legacy infrastructure while simultaneously realizing the benefits of IP (Internet protocol). When West Fire Systems is ready to transition completely to IP, these 12 lines can be SIP trunked and grant the company significant savings in monthly telephony expenses. As its operation grows, these extra capabilities create a flexible, expandable business communication system.

With VoIP capabilities made possible by an IP-based system, the company now enjoys the functionality of email integration, external message delivery and multilingual navigation options. Because the IP-PBX phone structure mirrors the company’s previous Panasonic phone system, it provides ease of use and familiarity for the staff at West Fire Systems. Additionally, the robust KX-DT346 endpoints, with 24 buttons and 6-line capability, provide the collaboration tools needed to deliver an ideal communication solution.

Business phone systems are evolving with the IP transition. For more information about clear and efficient communications channels for your business, please visit Panasonic’s Unified Communication page.