Digital Signage + Video Analytics: A Long Awaited Marriage for Marketers

The days of a “one size fits all” template of signage communication are seriously numbered as consumers experience more brand noise during their day than ever before. Marketers must now rotate, adapt, dimensionalize, and move their message like their television-advertising counterparts to be effective. With only precious seconds to capture an audience’s attention, (eight to be exact) consumer-facing messaging must be succinct, intriguing and clear.

By fusing digital signage with video analytics marketers and business owners now have the opportunity to be much more strategic in how they tailor their message to a particular audience, regional location or time of day.

Whether it is counting people, managing engagement, or tallying average dwell time, digital signage with analytics allows for marketers to track the effectiveness of a campaign from start to finish, while providing the opportunity to course correct along the way.

Traditionally store guests are counted through the POS systems, but imagine if you were able to break down the habits of each individual that entered your store? What sections are driving the most attention? Which are generating the least? You could adjust the displays in real time and adjust to create the desired impact immediately.

With video analytics, businesses receive a more detailed look at the individuals that engage with their signage. Through cameras installed on and integrated into the displays, the software can show everything from the length of time someone watches an ad or message and break down its effectiveness per gender and or age of participant.

Video Analytics

Video analytics are able to identify the consumer looking at the screen by using a pattern detection algorithm that scans software designed to interpret facial characteristics. By integrating IP cameras with video analytics software, retailers can track information anonymously about the individuals who look at a screen and glean valuable insights from these interactions.

Gauging effectiveness of a campaign can be incredibly time consuming. Poring over sales figures, expensive field-testing, data sampling and limited feedback from only a particular moment in time. With analytics, research can be provided continually with real-time observations on how to better serve their customer base.

The time that is spent analyzing the past is taken from a marketer’s opportunity to adjust for the future. In a growing 140-character world more and more organizations are using dynamic deployments tied to video analytics to refine the target nature of their content enabling operations to shape their campaign for greater impact.

The organizations that invest in the deployment and growth of video analytics will reap the benefits of more effective operations – driving home stronger messaging with consumers and more importantly, driving the bottom line.

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