SAS Deploys Professional Displays as a Handshake to its Customers

Based in Cary, North Carolina resides the world headquarters of SAS – the largest leading global provider of business analytics software and services with customers in 140 countries worldwide. Nearly four years ago, SAS completed construction of its Executive Briefing Center (EBC), a platinum LEED-certified building featuring state-of-the-art technology such as Panasonic professional displays. Designed to foster creativity, collaboration and technological advancement, the EBC offers visitors an up-close understanding of SAS business analytics solutions and a firsthand experience of SAS culture.

When searching for a displays technology provider, SAS required high-quality, reliable solutions that could span a wide variety of the EBC’s interiors including large auditorium halls, executive suites, hallways and lobbies. David Feldman, manager for Audio Visual Solutions at SAS, explained that the intent of the EBC is to demonstrate to visitors through the use of Audio/Video that SAS is a leading technology company. As a platinum LEED-certified building with abundant natural light, SAS opted for professional displays in place of projectors, which would be better suited to handle anticipated lighting issues within the EBC.

To that end, SAS conducted a shootout of flat-panel displays of various sizes in the industry, and chose Panasonic for its high-quality plasmas and array of size offerings such as the 103-inch display, an ideal solution for SAS’s larger applications. For other parts of the center, SAS chose Panasonic 85-, 65- and 50-inch plasma displays for use as conference, presentation, digital signage and corporate messaging monitors to showcase short videos of SAS solutions and services.

In the EBC’s free function hall, twelve 65-inch plasmas dually showcase SAS digital signage content and serve as walk-up stations in which visitors can easily plug their devices into the displays and give presentations on the fly. SAS also deploys a variety of professional displays in the center’s cafe as digital menu boards that can be easily updated to highlight daily options and specials.

Because the displays are left on nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it was important for SAS to choose a technology provider with a track record for reliable and durable solutions. In the nearly four years that SAS has deployed Panasonic professional displays, it has had only one instance that required maintenance. After reporting the issue to Panasonic, the company was able to resolve the problem in a single visit. The professional displays have proven to be the right solution to fit SAS’s needs by providing a high-quality experience for the EBC’s visitors and positioning SAS as a leader at the forefront of technology.

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