Enhanced Device Security Helps Businesses Protect Against Data Breaches

In today’s data-driven information age, the potential for data breaches leaves companies and individuals vulnerable. More than ever, it is critical to protect corporate and personal data from potential data breaches and security risks and document management equipment, such as scanners and copiers, are no exception. While these systems may not seem vulnerable, they contain hard drives that store a copy of every scanned image, which in the wrong hands could cause a potential security risk. If these images include vital information such as bank records, social security numbers, health records or even birth certificates, precautionary measures must be taken to ensure data security and confidentiality.

Many businesses are unaware of the fact that the images they scan or copy are saved to a hard drive. For instance, an employee at the University of Virginia Claude Health Sciences Library purchased a scanner online and its disk drive contained thousands of images of both personal and business checks including one as large as $500,000. Fortunately, the scanner was promptly returned to the North Carolina State University’s cashier office without incident, where it was previously used to copy and endorse checks.

Another instance of vital information potentially entering the wrong hands was uncovered by CBS News in 2010. A warehouse in New Jersey had 6,000 previously owned copiers for sale, all of which contained sensitive information on their hard drives. In this particular case, one of the copiers formerly belonging to a New York construction company contained design plans for a building near Ground Zero in Manhattan; 95 pages of pay stubs including names, addresses and social security numbers; and $40,000 in copied checks. In addition, CBS also obtained another used copier that was discarded by Affinity Health Plan, where 300 pages of individual medical records were found.

Ensuring the security of documents and data is increasingly important, as more people  become aware of the potential data unknowingly left behind on used scanners and copiers. Panasonic engineers secure and reliable document management and imaging solutions with enhanced security features such as Auto Erasure Security that automatically erases stored data from the built-in memory so no data breach can occur. Panasonic understands the importance of device security while offering solutions with the most advanced security capabilities to keep data safe and businesses operating.

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