Peabody Orlando Refines the Guest Experience with New Security System, Guestroom HDTV Upgrades

A range of new Panasonic technology solutions – part of a $450-million-dollar renovation project – is helping the Peabody Orlando hotel provide the four-star guest experience it’s known for.

Prefunction Space 5_smRecently purchased by Hyatt Hotels Corp. and renamed the Hyatt Regency Orlando, the executive-level hotel caters to the many meetings and conventions held in the Orlando, Fla. area. They recently began a multifaceted renovation project which included an update to core AV technologies. Aiming to refine in-room entertainment and upgrade security—without replacing fundamental infrastructure – the hotel turned to Panasonic for an integrated solution.

The hotel’s updates consisted of Panasonic flat-panel, in-room televisions and a Panasonic IP-based security system. In addition, the hotel started a pilot program that equipped its IT employees with Panasonic handheld tablet PCs. Overall, this technology solution helps keep guests safe and entertained, enhances the hotel’s overall image and increases operational efficiencies.

“Guests and employees have given our technology upgrades high marks,” said Brian Seays, IT Director. “Installation, maintenance and integration of our in-room televisions, security cameras and mobile computers have increased the efficiency of our team, enabling us to better serve our guests, which is our number one priority.”

Peabody -  TV in roomThe hotel’s 1,000 new Panasonic 42-inch TH-42LRU20s hospitality-grade LCD displays showcase its high-definition TV offerings for guests, while allowing for easy addition and removal of content from the line-up via a centralized distribution point. The displays’ integrated LodgeNet b-LAN technology eliminates the need for any additional set-top boxes, stray wires or damage to existing furniture.  Seays said Panasonic’s reputation for reliable, stylish design and ease of integration also played into the decision to install the displays.

“ When you have a luxury property, your guests expect the facility to meet the highest standards available,” he said.

As part of the renovation process, the hotel also decided to upgrade its security system to include more than 400 Panasonic i-Pro IP video cameras integrated with its existing analog solution. The hotel worked with security solutions integrator Comvox Systems LLC to help scope out and install the new system.  Both indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras from Panasonic – chosen for their high reliability and durability, light handling capabilities and top-of-the-line warranty – were selected for use around the property.

“The safety of our guests is paramount. Surveillance cameras give us the ability to be proactive and maintain ultra-safe conditionsThe Peabody Orlando Exterior for our guests around the clock,” said Seays. “In addition, we are able to efficiently use our personnel resources by limiting patrols of lightly-trafficked areas.”

Also, during the renovation, IT operations began looking for a tablet computer that could eliminate the need to print inventories and work orders and allow IT to access information anywhere on hotel grounds. The IT team began a pilot program to test Panasonic Toughbook H2 tablet PCs as a way to improve management of the property’s technology assets. The Toughbook H2 fulfilled the hotel’s requirements with a daylight-viewable screen and the ability to handle rain, dust and drops of up to six feet.

To learn more about the hotel is using Panasonic technology, view the full case study from the Panasonic Solutions for Business website.