Drive-Thru Communication Technology Improves Customer Experience, Boosts Bottom Line

As we have mentioned before, drive-thrus can account for anywhere from 50-70 percent of annual sales for QSR restaurants. For this reason, it’s crucial that drive-thrus are optimized to insure efficiencies – with speed, order accuracy and customer service in mind to encourage repeat business and maximize sales. Recently, we discussed line-busting in the drive-thru with tablet computers as a way to increase the number of cars that can pass through in a given day. We’ve also discussed the importance of drive-thru communication before, but we’d like to revisit it. With so much revenue at stake, there is a clear necessity for drive-thrus to upgrade these systems in order to improve sound quality and, in turn, the customer experience.


In QSR magazine’s 2012 Drive-Thru study, it was noted that “the two easiest gauges of a drive thru’s health, speed and accuracy remain the two strategies at the top of every operator’s drive-thru manual.” A communication failure in the drive-thru lane increases wait time and the probability of inaccurate orders. While customers want fast service, they don’t want to sacrifice order accuracy for speed. When customers receive incorrect orders their likelihood of returning decreases. No QSR wants to risk drive-thru sales because of poor sound quality.

In order to help QSRs improve performance, clarity and efficiency in the drive-thru, we’ve launched our latest drive-thru communication system, Attune II. Attune II’s unmatched sound quality reduces order errors, eliminates the need to reconfirm an order and will enable restaurants to serve more satisfied customers through the drive-thru daily, boosting sales. The system includes increased Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) that can remove both constant and fluctuating noise, improved echo cancelling and volume control. Volume levels are twice as loud as the previous system, and the Attune II automatically adjusts volume for fluctuating ambient noise.

Attune II’s superb sound quality and reliability allow for increased speed, accuracy and favorable interactions in the drive-thru that will improve the customer experience and keep them coming back for more.

To learn more about Panasonic’s Attune II Drive-Thru Communications System, visit our website.

You can also check out a recent Attune case study with Desert de Oro Foods, Arizona’s largest Taco Bell franchisee with a total of 140 locations.