Panasonic Security Technologies Achieve DIACAP Precertification

When it comes to threats against national security, the Department of Defense (DoD) is the executive agency of the United States government responsible for protecting the nation’s interests here and abroad and commands more than 3.2 million employees across the world. As such, it always working to secure its assets and must take extra steps to protect its security and surveillance systems against vulnerabilities such as malware, viruses and cyber terrorism.

One of the ways the Department of Defense maintains security is ensuring its systems are compliant with its Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process, or DIACAP. According to the DoD, DIACAP testing is a “process by which information systems are certified for compliance with DoD security requirements and accredited for operation by a designated official.” The requirements of this process are designed to validate visibility and control for the secure operation of all information technology systems that operate on a DoD network.

Panasonic recently announced that a range of its video surveillance technologies have been pre-certified as compliant with the security and risk management requirements of the Department of Defense, as verified by the DIACAP testing process. This certification involves intensive testing procedures that help ensure risk management protocols are properly applied to information systems within the DoD in order to protect personal privacy, the information environment, and other missions reliant upon shared information.

In order to achieve DIACAP certification, all components of a proposed security system must be tested as part of a comprehensive, integrated solutions package, receive the recommendation of a certification authority and then pass the review of a separate authority designated with the power of DIACAP approval before becoming eligible to receive authorization to operate as part of a DoD network. Certified officials review and assess protocols, firmware and coding on all parts of each DIACAP certified solution to ensure that no areas of the system expose the government to compromise.

DIACAP certification provides for easier network management, provides for greater information assurance and allows government officials to deploy security solutions more efficiently. Security devices that have been pre-certified as compliant with the security and risk management requirements of the DoD DIACAP make it even easier for government officials to assemble cutting-edge security solutions that live up to the highest system requirements for national security. By ensuring that system components are pre-certified to DIACAP standards, government officials can rest assured that their security solutions will meet their needs for integration, network management and information assurance.

To learn more about DIACAP certification, check out this Department of Defense brochure about the DIACAP process and be sure to check out Panasonic’s selection of security and video surveillance solutions, designed from the ground up to support the evolving needs of government security professionals.