KV-SS1100 Network Scanner Solution Helps Businesses Achieve Paperless Workplace

“One of the great unfulfilled promises of technology is the paperless office,” wrote Forbes contributor Michael  Schaffner. Schaffner’s article appeared a few years ago noting that advancing technology wasn’t easily usable in the workplace. Much has changed since 2008, yet the struggle toward a paperless workplace is ongoing. Each year, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper while the US consumes over 90 million tons of paper and paperboard.

While no single technological advancement can provide a complete solution for transitioning to a paperless workplace, experts advise a combination of tools and methods to achieve this goal. Among the solutions bringing the paperless office closer to a reality are employee education, recycling programs, cloud-based storage and file sharing services, paperless processing and scanning and faxing solutions.

One of the tools helping workplaces address paper conservation efforts is Panasonic’s KV-SS1100 Network Scanning solution, which is well suited for a variety of business environments including healthcare, finance, human resources, and accounts payable and processing.

In the healthcare field, barely 2 percent of U.S. hospitals have adopted a complete electronic medical record system for patients. Lawmakers passed the HITEC Act in 2009 to improve and mandate the transition to electronic records with incentive payments. A single KV-SS1100 device provides multiple nurses and doctors with a platform to digitize patient records, send records to the right location and automate the process into a single workflow.

Even in industries where going to a paperless environment is not a federal mandate, technology like the KV-SS1100 can make workflow and collaboration between employees and offices easier. “In finance the SS1100 fits extremely well,” says Bob Curci, Technical Field Manager at Panasonic. “Where you have multiple branches, multiple people and multiple applications, the SS1100 can help automate the process by providing a single device and single workflow.”

In business departments such as human resources and accounts payable, Panasonic’s network scanning solution helps save space, time and the security of personal information. Where multiple devices were previously used to scan ID cards, receipts, invoices, applications and other documents, the scanner adapter is an all-in-one solution that makes scanning multiple documents easy and files can be sorted, edited, auto scanned and filed to various folders based on customizable presets.  Additionally, no documents are retained in memory after they have been transmitted, keeping sensitive information secure. The scanner is built with security in mind so it requires network user authentication and is also installed with a Kensington lock port for physical security.

Curci further explains that the SS1100 is a time saver for all business applications. For IT administrators, setup of the device is simple and configuration to the wireless network leverages tools already in use today and the device comes with a one year, next business day warranty.

Becoming a paperless workplace has more benefits than ever. Additionally, saving paper costs and reducing enterprise carbon footprints is now easy to implement and improves workflow with technology solutions from Panasonic.

Watch the video below to hear more from Curci about the Panasonic KV-SS1100 Network Scanning Adapter on our PanasonicForBiz YouTube.