Go Spartans! Michigan State Relies on P2 Camcorders, Remote HD Cameras for Football Coaching Analysis

With victories over Western Michigan and South Florida, the Michigan State Spartans are off to a great start to the college football season.  For several years, Spartans football has counted on Panasonic P2 HD camcorders and remote HD cameras to capture video for coaching analysis.

Spartans football program represents Michigan State University in college football as members of the Big Ten Conference at the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision level. The team, which won the Big Ten championship in 2010, won the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl over TCU at the start of 2013.

Most recently, the Spartans purchased two AW-HE50S Full HD PTZ cameras and an AW-HE870 remote HD camera with AW-RP655 remote controls. Prior camera investments include an AG-HPX370 and three AG-HPX300 P2 HD shoulder-mounts, and an AG-HPX170 P2 HD handheld. All the cameras record HD video out to Panasonic AG-HMR10 handheld AVCCAM HD recorder/players. The team utilizes XOS Digital’s Thunder Football HD for video editing and game planning.

Matt Harper, MSU Football’s Director of Technology, explained that for recording games, he uses the HPX370/HMR10 combo for the sideline high angle, and an HPX300/HMR10 combo for the end zone high angle. The HPX170 is utilized for ground level capture.

The HE50Ss are mounted to the corner of the ceiling and the walls in the indoor practice facility, one on each 40-yard line to get a sideline angle of the action on the field.  “In the past we could never get a lift in that location to get that angle, so the HE50Ss have been a huge upgrade for us,” Matt said.

“Panasonic has long been our camera supplier of choice because of its superior integration with XOS Thunder Football, as well as the workflow speed the cameras afford,” he said. “When I’m tasked with delivering high-quality video to the coaches and players absolutely as soon as possible, workflow is everything.”

For more information about Spartans football, visit www.msuspartans.com.