Videohammer Studios Shoots Heavy Metal Music with Lightweight AG-HPX250 Camcorders

Say the words “heavy metal” and you will probably hear an audio cue in your ears, courtesy of, say, Metallica or Motley Crue. But to envision the bands, you might go to the video archives of Tommy Jones, the filmmaker head of Videohammer Studios. Tommy has been documenting the artistry and exploits of heavy metal’s most influential bands since the birth of the genre some 20 years ago, and for most of his career has shot with Panasonic handheld camcorders, from the AG-DVX100 to the AG-HVX200A and most recently, the AG-HPX250 P2 HD handheld.

HPX250-Behind-the-Camera-logo-smallVideohammer Studios is a production company based in New Jersey and Florida; Tommy has recently joined forces with the high-profile Audiohammer Studios to create Get Hammered Productions. Under Tommy’s direction, Videohammer is currently wrapping major video assignments for bands Death Angel, Alestorm and Testament. The company specializes in music videos, live concerts and documentaries, and routinely delivers electronic press kits, commercials and webisodes to its clients.

One of the first production companies Tommy produced for shot primarily with the DVX100, then the HVX200A, creating multiple DVDs for the band Lamb of God that went platinum. When he established his own company in 2008 and got behind the camera, his capital investments included the HVX200, which introduced him to a solid-state P2 workflow. Having shot “thousands of live performances” with that camcorder, he went on to purchase an HPX250 after he’d rented a pair of them to support a multi-camera live concert shoot for the band Testament.

Videohammer-Photo 2“I’ve been sold on the P2 technology and the facile workflow for years,” Tommy said. “I picked up the HPX250, and immediately gravitated to its full HD 1920 by 1080 resolution, 22X wide zoom and reduced weight. While I continue to make ample use of the HVX200, I certainly appreciate the HPX250’s easy handling and improved image.”

Tommy, who puts his imprint on every step of a production (“I’d like to be the Robert Rodriguez of the metal world”), edits in Final Cut Pro X. For a sample of Tommy’s recent work, visit his YouTube channel. Videohammer Studios can also be found online at Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo.

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