Baylor Bears Count on AG-AC160A Camcorders for Coaching Analysis

As the Baylor Bears get ready to take on Wofford in their at-home season opener August 31, they are hoping for a winning season and a three-peat of their 2011 and 2012 Bowl victories. The Bears, who recently purchased several AG-AC160A AVCCAM HD camcorders for critical coaching analysis, number among an estimated 80% of D1 college football teams that utilize Panasonic pro video equipment for their programs.

[pullquote]“The AC160As represent an attractive combination of cost-effectiveness with ease-of-use.”[/pullquote]The Bears, a member of the Big 12 Conference, play for Baylor University in Division I FBS college football. The team has relied on Panasonic cameras for practice and game-day analysis for well over a decade, including P2 HD handhelds (the AG-HVX200A and AG-HPX170), P2 HD shoulder-mounts (the AG-HPX500 and AG-HPX300), and AW-HE870 remote HD cameras with AW-RP655 remote controls.

The team utilizes XOS Digital’s Thunder Football HD for video editing and game planning, as well as XOS’ Thunder Capture System, which lets video coordinators control multiple cameras from a remote location.

Baylor-6“We’ve depended on Panasonic gear for coaching video many years,” Michael said. “The AC160As represent an attractive combination of cost-effectiveness with ease-of-use. Our student staffers have easily come up to speed shooting on them.” Baylor’s Director of Video Services Michael “Jumbo” Bolding said that he deploys the HPX500 and HPX300 on the sidelines, recording to AG-HMR10 handheld AVCCAM HD recorder/players. The AC160As (two on towers) capture tighter shots in the end zones. The HE870s are incorporated as the pan/tilt/zoom cameras in the Thunder Capture System. He continues to use the HPX170, recording to an HMR10, for roving footage.

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