Network Scanning Solution Improves Workflow Automation, Minimizes Environmental Impact

This week marks a grand occasion for Panasonic as we bid farewell to our former North American headquarters in Secaucus and transition to our new home in downtown Newark, N.J. As a result, approximately 1,000 employees are packing up and relocating to an environmentally friendly, 12-story office tower just a block away from Newark’s prominent Penn Station.

As a company, Panasonic is committed to being the No.1 green electronics company by our 100th anniversary in 2018. This goal was a key factor in our decision to relocate to Newark.  Our new building has great access to mass transit and is LEED certified, leveraging our own solar-powered green devices and energy-efficient lighting technology. Similarly, our own commitment to environmental responsibility also extends to the solutions we engineer for our customers including those for small and medium businesses (SMBs).

In a recent blog post, we highlighted some of the benefits of ‘going paperless’ for SMBs. Those include increased efficiency and decreased downtime; fewer risks of data loss and improved safety of documents; and less e-waste which helps reinforce more earth-friendly practices. In the long term, it is clear that converting hard copies to digital copies by way of a comprehensive document management system is a great way to stretch your budget further and substantially reduce waste.

As to be expected in major office relocation, we are currently poring through heaps of old documents in filing cabinets and drawers to decide which files will be shredded, recycled, archived, or transferred to our new headquarters. To streamline our move, we are digitizing important documents by deploying solutions from our own line of industry-leading scanners.

KV-SS1100Recently, we introduced our new KV-SS1100 network scanning solution. The KV-SS1100 is a standalone device that integrates with Panasonic scanners to create a customizable network-enabled scanning solution. With this device, users can tailor existing Panasonic scanners to meet their business needs, whether it’s a low-volume workgroup scanner, a high-volume production scanner or anything in between.

The KV-SS1100 has simplified our digitization process by allowing files to be sorted, edited, auto-scanned or routed to various secured shared folders. They also can be uploaded to the cloud with the push of a button on the device’s touch screen display. Thanks to this network-enabled wireless functionality, less physical hardware is equating to less e-waste, and is freeing us from the bundles of wires once previously needed to connect scanners to computers.

Additionally, we have found the device’s advanced functionality such as the ability to scan various document sizes, enhance images and remove blank pages to be extremely helpful as we work our way through mounds of old paperwork.

In just a short amount of time, we’re realizing how the combination of the new KV-SS1100 with our scanners can streamline workflow automation processes, and maintain our commitment to sustainable business practices. While this transition only offers a glimpse into the benefits of deploying our network scanning solution, it’s clear that this technology provides a connected and unencumbered system for managing and digitizing documents.

As we enter this new chapter in our story, we encourage you to join us in creating an office of the future by digitizing documents, decreasing your reliance on paper and minimizing your impact on the environment.

For more information on Panasonic’s document management and imaging solutions, including the new KV-SS1100 network scanning solution, please visit