Panasonic Solutions Van: Impressing Customers and Fighting Crime at InfoComm 2013

InfoComm is recognized as one of the world’s largest tradeshows for professionals in the audiovisual, information communications and systems integration industries and thousands make the pilgrimage each year to experience the future of audio and video technologies. With hundreds of new products released at InfoComm 2013, this year’s event in Orlando, FL was no exception.


As one of the platinum sponsors for the show, Panasonic showcases its own advanced digital signage, projection, and professional video and security solutions each year for eager attendees.  This year, we unveiled new products such as our line of portable, interactive Ultra Short-Throw DLP™ Projectors and a new ruggedized and weatherproof professional direct sunlight capable outdoor LCD Display. On the show floor, Panasonic also exhibited its Solutions Van, which is outfitted with a broad suite of technologies including flat-panel displays, office systems and mobile computers. Mounted on the van’s exterior are four high-quality Panasonic surveillance cameras, which our team kept running to showcase the advanced features of our video management software.

Footage from WJ-NV200 surveillance recorder

The excitement and interest of the InfoComm crowds quickly turned to shock when a neighboring exhibit’s event staff approached our video solutions team to inquire if our cameras were actually recording. It seems the showroom floor had become a crime scene and Panasonic’s video surveillance technology was needed to identify a possible suspect.

Jumping into action to conduct its own investigation, the Panasonic video solutions team quickly turned to its arsenal of surveillance monitoring and video imaging tools to pinpoint the incident and identify the perpetrator. Using Panasonic’s mobile video surveillance solution to quickly locate and replay the actual theft footage, the team provided the Convention Center’s security officer with all the details needed to communicate a description of the alleged thief to nearby law enforcement and they located and apprehended the suspect. Surrounded by a bustling sea of vendors, media and audiovisual buffs, a thief had seized the opportunity to steal thousands of dollars worth of audiovisual equipment from the neighboring booth. With just an hour before the close of the show and thousands of attendees on the show floor, the odds of locating a suspect seemed slim to none.

The copy of the high-quality recorded footage provided to the Orange County Sheriff’s officers made it possible to identify the thief and have them in custody in a matter of minutes. The stolen product was successfully returned to the very grateful staff at the adjacent booth.


To learn more about how you can take advantage of the video surveillance technology used by our team at InfoComm 2013, be sure to check out Panasonic’s latest surveillance monitoring and video imaging solutions.