Panasonic to Showcase Integrated Technology at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Preparation for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, is well under way. As a provider of technology to the Olympic Games for more than 25 years, Panasonic is equipping the games with some of the world’s most innovative and new technology systems for business. Fans, participants and organizers alike will experience the unique sights, sounds and festivities with help from Panasonic.SochiOlympics-2

The 2014 Winter Games will mark the fourteenth time Panasonic has provided AV technology in support of the Olympic Games – a tradition that started with the 1988 Games in Seoul. At summer and winter games around the world, we’ve provided unrivalled AV equipment and other technology to bring the Olympics to life for spectators at home and on location. The 2012 London games were our biggest effort yet, with 12,000 TVs, 2,500 security camera systems, 45 giant LED screens, 200 professional sound systems, hundreds of P2 HD camcorders and recorders and other pieces of equipment deployed for the project.

At Sochi, the Iceberg Skating Palace, where the ice skating events will be held, is already set up with a LED large screen display system. This screen will be used for all events and is able to show the athletes faces and expressions clearly. Viewers at the venues will see the action up close, while the displays and production monitors in the International Broadcast Center will help broadcasters provide viewers around the world with a lifelike games experience.

SochiOlympics-3“Our team in Russia and the system integrators worked very closely to finish setting up the display,” said Rushan Bogautdinov, Olympic Project Leader at Panasonic Russia, of the LED large screen display at the competition venue. “Cutting edge technology like this will help share the passion and excitement of the events held in the arena in a different way.”

Equipment is also being installed at venues in the Mountain Cluster, which is where alpine and ski jump events will be held. Sanki Sliding Centre, which will be the home of bobsleigh, skeleton and luge events, is a hub of activity. More than 200 devices including security cameras, LED large screen display systems and professional TV systems have already been delivered, and more are on the way.

Just as with any large public event, the safety of attendees is a central concern, and Panasonic is providing much more than professional digital AV technology for the Winter Games. More than 3,500 security cameras have been installed at the various Olympic venues so far, including indoor and outdoor models for comprehensive surveillance. “They will provide unparalleled security during the Games,” said Audrey Senik, Senior Engineer at Panasonic Russia.

Much more technology is coming as the games near, including the broadcasting equipment that will capture, record and bring the event to life. We are proud of our legacy as an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner and will continue to work at bringing you the best Olympic Games yet. See you in February for the opening ceremony!

Photo credit: Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics