New Video Surveillance Technology Helps Organizations to Stay Safe, Cost-Efficient

While the national economy is beginning to pick up, organizations of all types are still tasked with tightening their belts and cutting costs where they can. However, security remains of utmost importance. Recent advances in video surveillance technology are enabling businesses in a variety of markets to do more with less by reducing overall system costs without compromising video quality.


Recent years have seen tremendous evolution in surveillance technology. Now, in addition to standard analog cameras that have long been mainstays in the market, buyers have the option of utilizing cameras that transmit video images via an Internet connection and capture panoramic, 360-degree images. Newer panoramic surveillance cameras require no moving parts and can monitor a greater area, which allows facilities to reduce the number of cameras needed and cut overhead costs. Utilizing IP connectivity to stream and record surveillance activity can dramatically reduce installation time and allow operators to establish comprehensive video surveillance suites with less work.

Panoramic 360-degree full HD cameras are at the forefront of evolving surveillance technologies and are helping facility managers improve visibility and boost operational efficiency.  With unobtrusive, vandal-resistant designs that allow them to be deployed in compact spaces, 360-degree panoramic cameras can capture footage in areas where conventional motorized PTZ cameras won’t work. A single 360-degree video camera can monitor activity across a wide area, in every direction, at the same time. The most advanced 360-degree cameras record at 30 frames-per-second and provide full high definition 1080-pixel resolution. Complete with built-in on-board image correction that minimizes optical distortion, the 360 camera also ensures the clarity and accuracy of recorded footage for administrators.

Beyond cost-cutting benefits, newer video surveillance technologies also offer additional functionality that maximizes business value, including options such as facial recognition, day and night vision controls and remote access. These intelligent features make it easier to tap into predictive analytic tools that provide improved safety, business optimization and fraud mitigation. As the need for video surveillance solutions grows, organizations of all types, including those within education, healthcare and food services, as well as enterprises and government agencies will continue to embrace the benefits of this technology.

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