Increasing Visual Collaboration in the Boardroom with Interactive Displays

Collaboration is a fundamental component of a successful business. More and more, companies are looking to technology as a way to amplify the collaborative office environment, increasing employee creativity and productivity. In a recent report by analyst group Frost & Sullivan the firm was quoted as saying, “giving all employees access to tools that support and encourage not just communication, but true collaboration, companies will see a clear competitive advantage.”

Visual collaboration has become more than just video conferencing. We’re also seeing an increase in businesses deploying interactive HD displays, which combine the best elements of chalkboards, projectors and televisions. [pullquote]By incorporating interactive displays into the boardroom, companies can make video meetings even more effective, allowing attendees to collaborate and mark-up documents in real-time.[/pullquote]  Interactive displays also enable output to be easily captured and saved for future use.

Our latest PB1 interactive professional plasma displays take the power of technology one step further. The 65” TH-65PB1 was built specifically to boost engagement and productivity. These new plasmas feature built-in capabilities for our Digital Pen System that allow users to write, annotate, draw and move items independently around the screen with as many as four pens.

When paired with the Panasonic PLUGTHA54 Plug-in PC with an optional 4G connection, the display makes online collaboration possible virtually anywhere.  A wirelessly-equipped PB1 could be mounted on a rolling stand so a display could be moved room to room –eliminating the worry of finding a LAN connection or being out of Wi-Fi range.

The PB1 display also features flexible wireless connectivity via a PC, Mac or any iOS device. The PB1 Series allows up to 16 PC connections to be shown on the screen in different cells at any given time via a Multi Live Mode. Additionally, by using Panasonic’s Easy Wireless Stick users can automatically show their PC or Mac screens on the display without installing any software, using their PC’s Wi-Fi, or changing any of the computer’s network settings.

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