Panasonic WVTW310 Wearable Camera Wins Over POLICE Magazine at IACP 2012

You only have to take a quick look around the recent International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference to get an idea of the increasingly crucial role technology plays in virtually every aspect of law enforcement.

The annual event held this year in San Diego, Calif., attracts thousands of public safety professionals from around the world with more than 200 educational sessions hosted by some of the industry’s top law enforcement experts, and the opportunity to network and share knowledge with peers.

This event also showcases the latest innovative technologies, including Panasonic’s recent product, the WVTW310 wearable camera system, which we are proud to announce was named a “Best of Show” product by POLICE Magazine.

The body-worn video camera, which provides officers with a comprehensive system that captures and stores tamper-proof audio video evidence, is designed to deliver an accurate and unbiased record of officer engagements for total situational awareness and seamless digital evidence capture. It grabbed the attention of many attendees for its unmatched wide angle views that provides an audio and video record of officer interactions and delivers clear video evidence that can be easily stored for future use in court.

The wearable camera system is optimized for both day and night usage, which helps ensure that any actions taken in the event of a police intervention are available for review and testimony. It’s able to capture up to 32 hours of data which can be automatically uploaded upon arrival at the station. To correct stabilization and image distortion that sometimes occurs during pursuits in vehicles and on foot, the camera system includes bundled software that processes the recorded data while still preserving the evidence quality of the original files.

At Panasonic, we are committed to delivering innovative technologies that capture and store tamper-proof audio and video evidence and improve overall safety for law enforcement officers.

Photo courtesy of POLICE Magazine.