Panasonic Professional Plasma Displays Help Churches Spread the Word

Panasonic has a long history of equipping houses of worship with AV technology solutions that help them deliver their message to even wider audiences. Mankin Media, a Panasonic integrator focused on this market, recently highlighted multiple churches that have installed our professional plasma displays for use as digital signage and in video control rooms in an article in Technologies for Worship magazine.

One of the houses of worship, Hope Fellowship Church in McKinney, TX, built its first video-equipped venue, complete with new classrooms, lobby/cafe space, and a full auditorium earlier this year. This new campus has Panasonic Professional Plasma Displays located throughout, allowing live video feeds of its pastor’s sermons to be seen from nearly anywhere on the premises.

At First Christian Church in Huntington Beach, CA, Mankin Media integrated Panasonic Professional Plasma Displays in
its 2,200 seat auditorium, multi-purpose building, children’s space, a smaller intimate chapel, and the 1,500 square foot centralized control space that links them all together. Mankin recommended Panasonic displays because of their dependable video quality, long life span and a wide range of professional features enabling increased compatibility.

You can check out a few more Panasonic plasma display installations at churches across the country online.