Florida State University is Winning with 3D

Shooting sports video in 3D is Florida State University’s secret weapon, according a recent article by Sports Video Group. FSU has been a pioneering college football program in the field of 3D, using the depth to provide additional insights for research and recruiting efforts.

The Director of FSU’s Seminole Productions, Mark Rodin, spearheads the initiative and purchased a Panasonic AG-3DA1 two years ago. Coaches enjoy the depth of play and the ability to track subtle movements that 2D video can’t accurately capture, like foot movements or the arm rotation of a quarterback. Additionally, the university uses Panasonic Full HD 3D home theater projectors to share game footage with recruits in their 3D theater and for presentations to booster groups off campus.

Today, FSU is experimenting with several new programs using 3D. Their baseball department recently started using 3D to analyze pitch movement. Beyond sports, undergraduate students at FSU now have access to a 3D production course.

Read the full article at SportsVideo.org to learn more about FSU’s innovative use of 3D.