Bringing in the Experts: Panasonic Takes Advice from Hollywood Pros in Developing Home Theater Projectors

Movies are made to be viewed in a theater, on the big screen, so when they’re seen at home, it’s possible that aspects of the filmmaker’s vision may be lost. Home theater enthusiasts, who invest heavily in their systems, strive to recreate the big screen experience. To achieve this goal, engineering products that allow movies to match filmmakers’ original intentions is essential.

At Panasonic, our aim isn’t just to deliver a home theater projector with exceptional picture quality; our aim is to recreate the theater experience at home. That’s why collaboration with Hollywood filmmakers in “tuning sessions” at Panasonic’s Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) is so important. Working directly with directors and cinematographers, Panasonic engineers adjust the picture quality in our home theater projectors in an effort to create a cinematic experience that is as close to the filmmaker’s vision as possible.

“Panasonic engineers bring us in to make evaluations and listen to what we have to say, so that when they are doing the design work they take our considerations into effect,” said Steven Poster ASC, cinematographer. “I don’t know of any other home theater projector manufacturers doing that at this point.”

Our partnership with Hollywood professionals at PHL was instrumental in the development of the new PT-AE8000U full-HD 3D home theater projector, having been fine-tuned to produce images as close as possible to directors’ original intentions. Compared to the previous model, the PT-AE7000U, the clarity of detail has been improved in the PT-AE8000U, as the Detail Clarity Processor 4 gives lifelike expression to even the finest details and while viewing 3D, the 3D Motion Remaster feature delivers correct, natural movement. The PT-AE8000U also provides 20 percent brighter images with 2,400 lumens of brightness and an extremely high 500,000:1 contrast ratio.

For more information on the PT-AE8000U, which will be available in late September or early October at an MSRP of $3,499, please visit