Digital Signage Now a Factor for AAA Diamond Ratings

Earlier this summer, AAA revamped its “Approval Requirements & Diamond Rating Guidelines” for lodgings, the blueprint for assigning ratings of one to five AAA Diamonds following a successful on-site inspection. The new guidelines incorporate member expectations regarding hotel fees, recognize emerging shifts in design trends and reflect a more personalized approach to guest services. This year, the guidelines included digital signage for the first time as part of the travel company’s rating evaluations.

The inclusion of digital signage speaks to the growth of the industry, especially within the hospitality market, and the value it brings to guests. Digital signage highlighting upcoming events, meeting room schedules, as self-service kiosks with interactive touchscreens or as wayfinding stations in hotels and casinos are now an amenity guests are expecting from high-quality establishments. Thanks to growth of smartphones, consumers want instant access to information and hotel guests are no different – digital signage offers instant gratification.

“Traveler expectations and travel industry capabilities continue to evolve,” AAA tourism information development director Michael Petrone said in the announcement. The new guidelines address changes that have occurred since the last update in 2007 and were created with input from AAA’s full-time hotel inspectors, AAA members and industry professionals.

The new guidelines continue to emphasize guest comfort and satisfaction but also recognize the importance of competitive differentiation. Digital signage is now being viewed as one of these differentiators along with more traditional factors such as bedding or in-room television quality.

Has digital signage become more commonplace during your vacations or work trips? Let us know in the comments.

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