“An Audacious American,” Upcoming Cassius Clay Documentary, Shot With P2 HD Camcorder

No, not that Cassius Clay. The subject of this 60-minute PBS documentary is the famed Kentucky emancipationist Cassius Marcellus Clay; An Audacious American premieres this evening to a sold-out crowd at the Kentucky Theatre in Lexington, and is slated for multiple airings on Kentucky PBS affiliate  KET throughout the month of October.

Filmmaker Michael Breeding chose the AG-HVX200A P2 HD camcorder for the project, which he produced virtually single-handedly. A longtime HVX200A owner, Michael has deployed the camcorder on many notable projects, including Farming in the Dark Patch, a second full-length documentary about tobacco farming that will debut in November.  Other P2 HD-shot work includes two multi-camera shoots for Lexington’s Transylvania University, The Civil War and the Reconstruction in the Border States and Role of the Speaker of the House: A Tribute to Henry Clay (with Speakers Pelosi and Boehner), both of which aired on KET. He has also undertaken repeat assignments for Purina and Kentucky’s Georgetown College, all shot with P2 HD camcorders.

“I love P2 and the way Final Cut Pro just pulls it right in,” Michael said. “If someone wants to tell great stories and make a living without investing in a lot of equipment and toys, you can do this with the HVX200A. If you follow good production practices, you’ll be fine. If you want to build out the camera for more of a Hollywood-style production and enhance your team, the camera excels in that environment as well. I’ve chosen to keep it simple for now, and will continue cranking outs lots of work with the HVX200A.”

An Audacious American, with voice-over by renowned narrator Peter Thomas, was shot on location in Madison County at Clay’s stately Italianate-styled mansion, White Hall. This program portrays an 85-year-old Clay writing his autobiography—recollecting vividly the triumphs and tragedies of his life, sparing neither himself, family, friends nor enemies. Clay takes the viewer with him as he boldly and purposefully strides through the 19th-century landscape of bitter politics and duels, palatial homes and beautiful women, slavery and the Civil War, and a diplomatic mission precipitating the purchase of Alaska, leaving the lasting imprint of his fiery emancipationist personality in his wake.

For more information about An Audacious American and filmmaker Michael Breeding, visit www.michaelbreedingmedia.com.

View a clip of the documentary here, http://vimeo.com/49548317.