Booming Industries: Corporate Usage of Digital Signage

While most people associate digital signage with service-based applications, corporations have found ways to strengthen the impact, efficiency, consistency and frequency of internal communications.

In certain environments, such as corporate warehouses, employees often move freely about the premises and turn away from traditional memo or email distribution chains. Through digital signage displays, employees can be informed of everything from inventory updates to corporate events. Even manufacturing facilities are using their intranet to quickly distribute important and timely information.

Employers in these environments can also use digital signage to supply company news including office closure dates, industry trends and opportunities for training programs. Broadcasting information using displays, as opposed to mass emails or printed newsletters, has become a unique way to gain employees’ attention and avoid incurring printing costs.

Networks are being created in a variety of office settings including lobbies, break rooms, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and conference rooms. Large companies with multiple locations can tailor content to region-specific branches in order to create unique and appropriate content while still maintaining corporate messaging. Some companies have used the RS232 / LAN Control to monitor hundreds, even thousands of displays from a central location. This allows a network operation center to view and remotely control the entire network to ensure maximum efficiency.

Car dealerships have even found a way to use digital signage to further their marketing efforts and sales tactics. Dealers have been pushing for more “point of sale” tools to help potential customers “customize” their vehicle using interactive tools on these displays. These functions assist dealers in making quicker sales and providing quick answers to customer needs.

These displays are easily integrated into existing equipment and require minimal IT support making them a great investment for 2012 and beyond.

Image courtesy of Flickr user: Melburnian