World’s Largest Plasma Display Makes Impact at Farnborough International Air Show

The Farnborough International Air Show is one of the world’s largest global aviation events for both commercial and consumer attendees. Exhibitor BAE Systems, a British multinational defense, security and aerospace company, utilized the Panasonic 152”, 4K x 2K resolution TH-152UX1 professional plasma display to create an immersive and appealing space to demonstrate their aviation solutions at its booth.

According to FMBX News, the “Digital production company Mediastation worked alongside BAE Systems’ event partner Rapiergroup and trade AV rental specialist PSCo Rental to design the content and manage the logistics for this iconic screen. Mediastation ensured that the 152” plasma was used to its full capabilities, designing 3D and interactive 4k resolution content using the Hummingbird platform to transform the screen from a static display to a gesture recognition hub.”

Now that the show has wrapped up, UK-based PSCo Rental says the display will now head to the Olympic Village for the London Olympics 2012 where it will be showing all the action in the Panasonic Pavilion.

You’ll find more information on the 152” plasma’s use at Farnborough via FMBX News.

Image courtesy of FMBX News.