Booming Industries: Digital Signage Solutions for Quick Serve Restaurants

Quick Service restaurants have traditionally utilized physical menu boards and printed materials, but digital signage has made it easier to display menu information, abide by federal regulations and enhance the customer experience. Over the next few years, digital signage in these establishments will dramatically increase as consumers demand a more efficient and enjoyable buying experience from QSRs.

Restaurants and cafes typically rely on printed menus and signs to inform customers of the food choices they offer and their respective prices. However, in 2010, the President Obama signed the Section 4205 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which requires restaurants and similar retail food establishments to label calorie content information for standard menu items on printed menus and display boards.

In order to comply with these regulations, as well as compensate for changing menu items, prices and calorie content, restaurants are turning to digital signage to inform their customers. Besides saving on printing costs, restaurants can instantly update prices and new menu items with a digital display. This also provides QSRs the ability to target specific promotions based on a variety of interactive metrics taking place at the local level.

Even the drive thru is getting a makeover, as many fast food restaurants are improving their drive thru experience with advanced displays. QSR magazine recently did a Drive Thru-Experience Study and found that customers are not satisfied with the status quo of the drive thru experience. Many drive thru establishments have implemented large display boards with easy to read content and rotating visuals. The QSR study also found that price confirmation and order verification through digital signage are the most popular enhancements restaurants can make to improve customer satisfaction.

Overall the QSR industry is poised for dynamic growth for digital signage in the near future. In fact, Biz Technology recently stated that close to 2.1 million digital-sign units are to be shipped by 2013, a 23 percent increase over 2011. We view this projected growth as an opportunity for all players involved to utilize the digital signage trend to better serve their customers and employees.

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