Scott Wellington Captures the Atlanta Braves with the AG-AF100

Scott Wellington focuses the lens on his AG-AF100 large imager HD cinema camcorder as players in white uniforms with red trim step off the baseball field to be interviewed.

Players, coaches, the general manager and president of the Atlanta Braves filed into a locker room setting to be filmed for 2012 baseball season footage.

“This is Why We Chop,” the opening night video for the 2012 season, and “Inside the Clubhouse” segments on Braves Vision feature this footage shot on the AF100 and will be played throughout the season. It will also be showcased online, in commercials, as B-roll and on Turner Field’s displays and Jumbotron during home games.

Scott was hired by Riverkey Creative as DP on this project, however, Scott doesn’t just specialize in sports video. He recently wrapped a project documenting real-life brain surgery for local Emmy-winning show “Breakthrough Medicine” for UHealth, and another shooting promotional concert footage for Heineken using the AF100 at the 2012 Ultra Music Festival.

“I can shoot practically anything on the AF100; it’s a versatile camera that can be used for run-and-gun style shooting or in a controlled setup, while still giving the video a cinematic look,” Scott said.

Scott has been using the AF100 for about a year now and his clientele have responded positively to the footage he has shot with it. The Braves project was a prime example of this feedback.

“The client praised the shallow depth of field, the gaffer loved the image straight out of the camera and I enjoyed being regarded as a professional with top-notch gear,” he said. “I remember them saying ‘It’s the best looking interview setup we’ve done,’ and I think a great deal of that had to do with the camera.”

Scott’s portfolio is extremely dynamic for a 32-year-old DP from Miami. His resume includes work on MTV’s “The X Effect 2,” TruTV’s “Speeders Fight Back,” the Travel Channel’s “Mancations,” TLC’s “Four Weddings” and the Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America.” Scott also works for New World Symphony for various shows such as “TEDxMIA” and “Juanes Unplugged.”

The versatility of the AF100 and its extensive feature set made it an easy purchase decision for Scott, and he has been using it extensively ever since. The waveform monitor, the versatility of the mount and the full range of image controls have proven to be Scott’s favorite attributes.

“The AF100 is the first camera I ever bought myself,” he said. “And more and more this camera impresses me and helps me do what I love.”

As the sole owner of Mad Crazy Productions, Scott views all his gear purchases as investments in his career.

“I’ve probably earned back every penny I spent on it,” he said.

Scott records on all his footage on 32GB SDHC cards, which he says are most convenient for shooting many hours at a time in several different locations. He then edits the footage on Final Cut Pro.

Busy as ever, Scott has various projects coming up including shooting two documentaries this summer. He will also continue to service his client base with high-quality video using the AF100.

“90% of my current reel was shot on the AF100, and I am very proud of that,” Scott said.

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