Director/DP Kyle Camarillo Skates through Life with his AG-AF100

All the world’s a skateboard to Kyle Camarillo, professional Photographer/Videographer and head of skateboarding media at creative lifestyle clothing company LRG. Having recently purchased an AG-AF100 large imager HD cinema camcorder, Kyle has already shot several commercials with the AF100, using his HPX170 and HVX200A P2 HD handhelds as back-up. The most recent of these, “Letting the Kids Play,” Part 1 and Part 2, pair two actual father-son skateboarding teams in a breezy celebration of a lifelong love of the sport.

The spots, which promote LRG’s line of skating apparel, are utilized both on the company web site and in-store, and also run on skateboarding’s very popular website, Kyle has just returned from Central America, where he took the AF100 to shoot two big skate demos of the LRG team in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

“I’ve worked professionally in skateboarding videography exclusively for the last 12 years,” Kyle said.  “I’ve been lucky enough to have this take me all over the world and work with the best professional skateboarders.  The skateboarding world had been stuck in standard def until about three years ago, but since HD took over the videos that have come out have been the best cinematography we have seen!  My own video work has been constantly growing, and now with the AF100 I feel like I have the tools to really create what I want.”

“Trying to make DSLRs work for the past year was a constant struggle,” he continued.  “I loved the look but never was happy with the actual video quality. The usual suspects (moire, aliasing, rolling shutter) were always a disappointment when going into editing.  When I was introduced to the AF100 by my colleague Ty Evans, I knew I needed to work with it.  Delivering the cinematic look I wanted while being an actual video camera was amazing.  And the fact that it came from Panasonic was kismet since my bag has held an HVX200 and HPX170 for the past two years.”

Kyle takes “handheld” to a whole new level when he shoots with the AF100 while skateboarding.  “Filming while on a board is a huge part of skateboard videography,” he said.  “Usually this is when we shoot with a fisheye lens and the skater does a line (a few tricks in a row).

“I also shoot still photos professionally, and I have been able to take all the Nikon lenses in my bag and work with them on the AF100; my 80-200 Nikon lens is on the camera the most. The AF100’s variable frame rate is amazing, especially being able to shoot 1080 24pN at 60fps.  My other camcorders can only do that at 720p.  Being able to shoot skateboarding like that is perfect.”

Kyle edits on a Mac Pro using Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe After Effects CS4, and Color 1.5.

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