Collins College Students Experience the Big Picture with the AG-AF100

Film production students across the nation are hungry for experience with real, professional HD camcorders. Now, pupils at Collins College (Phoenix, AZ) are getting that opportunity with the AG-AF100 large Imager HD Camcorder.

Several core classes at Collins now feature the AF100 as a teaching tool, exposing students to high-quality, affordable HD acquisition practices. Since the fall of 2011, film students have had extensive hands-on experience with the popular Panasonic camcorder in their commercial production, advanced film production and special cinema techniques instruction.

As the competitive landscape grows thicker in the media production industry, training on the AF100 will broaden the students’ experience with different types of acquisition equipment and expose them to the latest HD cameras.

“When I arrived at Collins, the students were working with tape-based gear in the classroom but were intrigued by HDSLRs,” Johnny Staub, instructor of film and television at Collins College said. “The image quality was high and they liked the immediacy of being able to look at their work right away.”

Johnny is a veteran director of commercials and episodic television and prior to joining the Collins College faculty he taught commercial direction at UCLA. He found the AF100 to be the right camcorder solution for his students.

“I certainly wanted to introduce a tapeless component to instruction, but was disenchanted with the DSLRs’ chronic overheating and lack of audio controls,” he said. “I researched alternatives and was very impressed with the professional features of the AF100. I’ve found that the camcorder holds up very well in the classroom, plus the students are producing assignments such as parody commercials of a very high quality.”

“The quality of the image the AF100 produces is so great that I’d put it up against virtually anything I see on television or at the movies,” Johnny said. “The camcorder is durable, capable of being set-up and broken down quickly, affordable to run, expandable, and affords better immediate results that the previous generation of classroom gear: in short, it’s ideal in an educational setting.”

He also credits the camera’s audio controls and interchangeable lens mount, which allows the students to use a variety of sophisticated Nikon and Canon lenses. The AF100 also teaches students how to operate a menu-driven product, with controls that professional cinematographers rely on: exposure, pedestal and detail, a vectorscope and waveform monitor, and much more.

“The AF100 is definitely contributing to the pupils’ developing appreciation of the aesthetics of an image,” Johnny said.

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