DP Zac Halberd uses the AG-AF100 camcorder to chase big fish in ‘Season on the Edge,’ a new travel adventure fishing show

Ken Baldwin casts his pole into the misty ocean just as a wave reaching his shoulders crashes back into the seasoned fisherman.

“This is extreme bass fishing,” Baldwin narrates. “Montauk style.”

Zac Halberd, the director of photography filming Baldwin, captures the image beautifully thanks to his AG-AF100 large imager HD camera.

Season on the Edge, follows director/ host Ken Baldwin as he travels the world frequenting prime fishing hot-spots and indulging in the local food, landscape and denizens. Halberd and producer Brett Gordon are tasked with bringing each breathtaking location to life.

“We don’t just take the audience fishing, we take them on the regional tour with us, trying to capture the world around us for total immersion,” Halberd said. “In short, this ain’t bubba on a bass boat.

The show airs on NBC Sports Channel, Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m., with repeats on Saturdays.

Since signing on with the series, Halberd has shot the hunt for redfish in New Orleans, snook in the Everglades, peacock bass in the Amazon, rainbow trout in Alaska and largemouth bass in Mexico. Before shooting, Halberd knew he needed a camera that could survive the extreme environments, work fast and with ease and still produce quality imagery that did each beautiful location justice. Luckily, Halberd has been using the AF100 since the spring and was able to convince production company Argoworks (Los Angeles, CA) to purchase a second AF100 for the series, operated by cameraman Reuben Reynoso.

“We’ve had the AF100 in all sorts of nasty places for Season on the Edge, and the camera has been a workhorse for me,” Halberd said. “It’s a great tool. This is hard core fishing in extreme environments, with all the elements against us. Not to mention a hefty workflow.”

The crew utilized the versatile lens capability using various Nikon, Cannon and Lumix lens to capture different settings and lighting conditions. They also made extensive use of the camcorder’s variable frame rate recording.

“There are classic shots in a fishing show–the hook set, the fish striking the lure—that demand slo-mo.” Halberd noted. “We got a spectacular shot of a fish walking on its tail that looks so cinematic and epic.”

Viewers have already begun to tune in to see the spectacular settings, amazing photography and- of course- some extreme fishing.

Halberd is also shooting a documentary-in-progress about New York’s Hudson River with the AF100, has completed additional high-profile AF100 projects including an episode of CBS Sports’ The Best of College Football and photographing pick-ups for a Channel 4 (Britain) television series, Living with the Amish.

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