Tips For Public Safety Organizations Considering Digital Signage

When you think about digital signage, you probably think instantly about fancy stadium scoreboards or flashy in-store advertisements. But, think about emergencies when you need to communicate real-time information to a mass audience, from directions to news, and you’ll start to think about some innovative life-saving applications for digital signage in the public sector. Digital signage in the public setting can be centrally-controlled and instantly activated so that you’re able to rapidly communicate information to a large, geographically dispersed population.

Safety messaging is a growth application for digital signage. The medium allows for visual messages to be delivered quickly and clearly, often in multiple languages. In fact, the 9/11 Commission report recommended that notification systems be part of a public safety security solution. Hundreds of colleges and universities are already relying upon digital signage solutions to improve campus communications, especially in emergency situations, where mass communication in real-time is essential.

How do you decide whether to integrate digital signage into your communications strategy? Here are some considerations:

  • ROI: An investment in digital signage solutions can replace multiple forms of traditional paper-based communication methods. These digital services eliminate expensive printing costs as content can be digitally updated, often using more engaging visual content and multiple languages. Take, for example, the age-old FBI “Most Wanted” poster. These posters have gone digital and now updates to the list can be made in a central location and then published to locations across the country.
  • Durability and Reliability: Agencies require equipment that can withstand the elements of the outdoors to ensure that announcements are delivered effectively without experiencing failure due to exposure of every day natural impacts. Professional displays such as Panasonic’s LFP30 and LFT30 Seriesare built to endure these types of conditions with a rugged design that is highly dustproof and water resistant, making them optimal for outdoor use. These displays, combined with end-to-end software and hardware integration, make this an ideal solution for the mission critical requirements of the public sector industry.
  • Central Management: Advanced digital signage solutions enable communications agencies to centrally manage the content that’s displayed across their network. This simplifies not only the communication of messages, but also the diagnostics and repair. For example, remote monitoring identifies specific failure points within the network so that technicians can be quickly deployed.

Digital signage can help public sector organizations reach a mass audience with engaging, informative content that in emergencies can be the difference between life and death. Panasonic Digital Signage Solutions offer a wide range of technologies that enhance your messaging capabilities including hardware, software, installation and support. As applications evolve, Panasonic is committed to partnering with organizations to better serve the public good.

Tell us about some ways you think your public safety agencies could benefit from and use digital signage!