The Role of Professional Displays and Digital Signage in Healthcare

Guest Blogger,  Brian Simmons, Panasonic Healthcare Area Sales Manager

In today’s hospitals, new health reform guidelines and value-added functionality like digital signage and clinical display applications are transforming the healthcare display space. Advances in technology and evolving hospital and healthcare missions have created a paradigm shift for hospital administrators, facilities directors and other decision-makers, who now are investing in hospital-grade display solutions that extend beyond the basic entertainment function.

A new white paper by BizTechReports titled “Digital Concierge: Flat Panel Display Technologies In Hospital Settings Serve As Ubiquitous Points Of Interaction Among Patients, Families, Healthcare Professionals And Hospital Administration,” explores the role modern flat panel display technology can play in supporting the core mission of hospitals and other healthcare facilities to improve patient experience and care outcomes.

The study found growing evidence that taking a strategic and integrated approach to deploying a professional display solution, in tandem with other clinical and digital signage applications, creates a real value proposition for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

“More and more hospitals are seeing the benefit of hospital-grade, high definition displays because they are cutting down on redundancy and the work of hospital staff is made much more efficient,” notes Brian Solomon, vice president of independent systems integration firm, CDCE. For example, “Instead of transporting a patient with multiple fractures to a consult room in X-ray, they [clinicians] can bring the X-rays to that room and do the consult with the family and patient by viewing it on the display. That’s much more efficient for the hospital and much less intrusive for the patient.”

So whether hospital-grade or professional displays are deployed, these solutions are great tools to engage with patients and their families to ultimately advance the core mission of a hospital facility, increase the quality of patient care and optimize the overall patient experience.

The full whitepaper is now available for a free download on the Panasonic website.

How does your facility use display technology? Is digital signage on your radar?

* Digital Concierge: Flat Panel Display Technologies In Hospital Settings Serve As Ubiquitous Point Of Interaction Among Patients, Families, Healthcare Professionals And Hospital Administration was commissioned by Panasonic

Brian Simmons,  Pansonic Healthcare Area Sales Manager

As a healthcare area sales manager for Panasonic, Brian Simmons supports the sales team to provide customized display solutions to meet the diverse requirements of the healthcare industry. Simmons was named Panasonic Area Sales Manager of the year for the Display Team in 2009. Prior to joining Panasonic in 2007, Simmons served as an account manager for NEC Display Solutions. Simmons is a seasoned expert in the healthcare display solutions space with more than 15 years in the professional display industry. Simmons currently resides in the Dallas area. Simmons holds an MBA in International Business from Illinois State University.