Cullen Hoback Scrutinizes “Terms and Conditions May Apply,” with the AG-AF100

Hoback interviews the YoutTube sensation "Charlie Bit My Finger" family using the AF100

Every day people agree to terms and conditions when they sign up for software updates, subscribe to online services and enter their credit card information. But most of them simply scroll through the lengthy text and hit “I agree,” button, never thinking twice about what they actually agreed to.

Cullen Hoback is a documentary filmmaker who wanted to explore this very topic and is using the Panasonic AG-AF100 large imager HD cinema camcorder to shoot his upcoming documentary, “Terms and Conditions May Apply.”

“This project has a social purpose; it’s about the digital divide and what we are really consenting to when we sign on to these mega-sites,” Hoback commented.

This is Hoback’s fourth feature documentary and his largest budget to date. However, with a compressed timeline and locations all over the world, he needed the right camera to make “Terms and Conditions May Apply.”

Hoback has had an AF100 since its release more than a year ago. Being a long-time Panasonic fan, he needed very little convincing that this camcorder would be an asset to his camera arsenal.

“I looked at the feature set and went out the next day and bought it.” Hoback said. “It’s now my number one camera.”

After signing on to “Terms and Conditions,” Hoback’s assessment was that the AF100 would be ideal for “Terms and Conditions.”

“We needed a camera to give us that run and gun feel, and be able to focus quickly and effectively,” Hoback said.

Hoback has made the AF100 his primary camera on the documentary because of its interchangeable lensing, audio controls, and the flexibility of slow motion. Hoback will be editing the feature on Final Cut Pro. He also plans to convert the footage to a stereoscopic format and release the documentary in both 2D and 3D.

Hoback’s past documentaries include the critically-acclaimed Monster Camp and Friction. The filmmaker is on schedule to start offering “Terms and Conditions” to film festivals this spring.

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