Bob Gundu shoots feature film, Sidharth, in India with the AG-AF100

Bob Gundu weaves in and out of the crowded, dusty streets of India, attempting to capture the scene before him in one fell swoop, using Panasonic’s AG-AF100 large imager HD cinema camcorder.

Bob, a seasoned Canadian filmmaker, recently spent months in India shooting the full-length independent film, Sidharth.  The plot behind this artful drama, comes from an experience the crew shared while filming Amal in 2007. Near the wrap of the shoot, a rickshaw driver told director Richie Metha  his about his son’s recent disappearance. The boy had gone missing but the poor father couldn’t take a leave from work or his family without an income to search for his son.

Bob and Richie began to plot out the story from there and after finalizing the script, traveled back to India to shoot Sidharth in September of 2011.

“This is an art house film with lots of emotion,” Bob said. “It’s a bit of a passion project for us.”

With a small budget and crew, they weren’t able to bring the large, expensive cameras they had previously used. Bob needed a reliable camera that could withstand the dusty and often cramped streets of India, while still being able to adapt to the quick pace of production and shoot in low light.

“The AF100 was perfect, no lugging around a bunch of extra equipment just to get the shot ready,” Bob said. “We couldn’t have shot with anything else in India.”

The AF100’s lens interchangeability was invaluable, as well as the ability to quickly clean the omnipresent dust off the sensor. The DP made extensive use of the Lumix 14-140mm lens during the shoot and the 20mm pancake lens was also a sweet spot for the crew.  At one point, they even used a Blackbird handheld camera stabilizer with a steadicam arm to get some beauty shots during a traffic jam.

Bob recorded to the AF100’s SDHC card, while doing a back-up recording to an Atomos Ninja through the camcorder’s HDMI out. The project is currently being edited in Final Cut Pro.

Bob had been sold on the AF100 long before the Sidharth shoot began. “I was the second person in Canada to own one,” he said.

His previous projects with the AF100 include a commercial video for a printing factory and a personal project for a family featuring their mother’s home.

Bob has high hopes for Sidharth and believes it will be a success within the independent film community. He credits emerging, upstart approaches to film distribution as well as the affordability of the AF100 with allowing the production to maintain its creative integrity.

“We are not a slave to studios,” Bob said. “With the AF100, we can make it look so professional you don’t necessarily need backing from the big money.”

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