The Top 5 Rugged Mobile Stories of 2011

The toughbloggers team saw mobile technology tested again and again in 2011 – sometimes deliberately, and sometimes by accident. The truly memorable stories are less about the technology, and more about the amazing people and inspiring missions they accomplish. Here’s a look back at the five most memorable toughbloggers stories of 2011.


5. Connectivity and Mobility on Mount Everest and the Summit of Kala Pattar

Lance Trumbull, founder of the Everest Peace Project, climbed to the 18,500 foot base camp of Mount Everest and summit of Kala Pattar in the Himalayas in pursuit of his organization’s goal of promoting peace, teamwork, and cultural understanding. Lance carried a Toughbook 19 with him on the trek to chronicle the journey and share it with others around the world.

4. Field Research: Tracking Bats with the Toughbook 19

Environmental consultant Mark Gumbert and his team spend three weeks every spring researching and tracking bat migrations throughout the caves and backcountry of Tennessee. They found that the Toughbook 19 was right at home in these extreme conditions.


3. Heart of Borneo Expedition Team uses Toughbook 30 in Rainforest Exploration

Little is known about the Heart of Borneo, an extremely biodiverse rainforest located on the world’s third-largest island. A team of European and Indonesian researchers, equipped with a range of rugged technology, set out to explore the unknown species and indigenous people in the region.

2. Laptop Reliability: Toughbook 19 Survives Ambulance Fire

On February 25, 2011, an ambulance and crew was responding to an automobile accident in central Missouri when the ambulance malfunctioned and caught fire. The crew escaped unharmed, leaving their Toughbook 19 inside the burning vehicle.

1. Chilean Miners Rescued with Help of Toughbook® Mobile Computers and Zephyr Technology’s BioHarness™ BT

On October 13, 2010, 33 Chilean miners were rescued after being trapped approximately 2,000 feet underground for 69 days, marking the end of the longest-ever mining rescue operation. This rescue was made possible by the heroic efforts of rescue workers and help from specialized equipment and Panasonic Toughbook computers.