Navistar Relies on Toughbook Computers in Dealers’ Service Bays

Navistar Inc., manufacturer of International® brand trucks and other transportation solutions, manages an extensive dealer program designed to ensure quality repair and efficiencies in the dealers’ service bays. The program – called EZ-Tech – standardizes the diagnostic technology and offers dealers the best solution at a cost-effective price.

The EZ-Tech solution consists of a Panasonic Toughbook mobile computer loaded with diagnostic software and the vehicle interface cables. Navistar selected the fully-rugged Toughbook line because it was durable enough to withstand the service bay environment and would deliver strong return on investment. In addition, Navistar is able to remotely manage the software and push updates out to its dealer network.

Navistar recognized early on that it needed to work with a partner to manage the product orders, billing and administrative functions of the program. The company partnered with Bizco Technologies, a full service technology firm, to develop an online portal that allows dealers to purchase product directly. Navistar also works with Panasonic’s National Service Center, Heartland, where the devices are configured, imaged and shipped directly to the dealer – reducing the burden on a dealer’s IT department.

One of Navistar’s dealers, Diamond International, has been part of the EZ-Tech program and a Toughbook customer for 15 years. Diamond International, a full line International dealer, has Toughbook 29s, 30s and 52s running a suite of International software deployed in its service bays. On average, Diamond issues 50-75 repair tickets a day with at least 50-60 trucks on the lot to service. Toughbook computers are ideal devices for Diamond due to their drop/shock protection and ability to stand up to the dusty and dirty environment of the service bay. Port durability is also important as the USB ports are frequently used to connect vehicle-interface modules.

Through the EZ-Tech program, Navistar has deployed more than 3,500 Toughbook units to its dealers worldwide. Navistar and its partners have created a system that proves a centralized approach to service technology offers dealerships high-end solutions without the burden of management costs.

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