iPad Creates Challenges for Healthcare IT Executives

The healthcare industry is seeing an influx of iPad-style tablets and, according to a recent study, HIT managers are concerned.

BizTechReports, an independent research and reporting agency, found 74% of HIT decision makers feel that consumer-grade tablets present challenges for entering data into healthcare applications. Furthermore 58% of survey respondents agree that enterprise applications, like EHR management, are not designed for consumer-grade devices, like the iPad.

Results from the study have been published in the white paper “Diagnosis Danger: Governance & Security Issues Cause IT Concerns About iPad in Healthcare Setting*.” The report focuses on media tablets – specifically the iPad’s adoption in healthcare, and is based on a national survey of healthcare IT executives.

Healthcare IT reporter and blogger, Anne Zieger recently shared concerns about the iPad’s security vulnerabilities, in a recent post entitled, “Apple Security Issues Linger, Raising iPad, iPhone Concerns For Hospitals.” For example the mobile Safari browser used on most iPads, is infamous for security flaws. Zieger references a report from NSS Labs that found while Explorer 9 blocked 100% of malicious URLs, with Application-based filtering enabled, Safari 5 blocked just 13%.

According to the BizTechReports white paper, reliability and durability proved to be a major point of concern for HIT decision makers as well. 94% of participants feel that device durability and “ruggedness” are important requirements in hospital and clinical settings. After all, because of the highly mobile and occasionally chaotic nature of healthcare, the likelihood of a mobile device falling, being dropped or spilled upon is high. Consumer grade technologies are simply not designed to operate reliably in such a demanding setting.

The full white paper is now available for a free download on the Panasonic website.

Are you interested in using this new generation of tablets in healthcare? If so, let us know where you see the opportunities and obstacles.

* Diagnosis Danger: Governance & Security Issues Cause IT Concerns About iPad in Healthcare Setting was commissioned by Panasonic