Panasonic’s 103” has Big Impact for Econolite As Part of A New Conferencing Solution

Econolite Group, Inc. is one of the world’s largest innovators and manufacturers of transportation management solutions such as vehicle and pedestrian signals, traffic control cabinets, and traffic management and data collection solutions. These technologies are employed to reduce traveler time, ease congestion, enhance transit operations and provide safer mobility.

Executives from Econolite, based in Anaheim, CA, were interested in updating their current teleconferencing installation because the equipment it used across North America had become dated and required frequent repairs. In particular, the main rear-projection television in the boardroom of the company’s Anaheim headquarters had run its course and was now delivering diminished picture quality and requiring frequent IT visits.

The company worked with integrator Multi-Media Solutions (MMS) to help Econolite find a display that would maximize impact on the room, be large enough to display small fonts in documents without losing any picture quality, offer easy integration into existing equipment and require minimal IT support.

After evaluating a few potential solutions, MMS decided two Panasonic TH-85PF12Us, 85” Professional Plasma Displays would best serve the company. They chose the TH-85PF12U because of its sheer size, crisp image and ease of integration with the company’s existing PolyComm System and Crestron command and control touchscreen. Any size below 85” would have diminished the value of having new displays installed and only plasmas offer the kind of resolution the Econolite was looking for in such a large size. Additionally, the plasma displays offered better performance showing movement in video conferencing environments and a higher contrast of colors than LCDs. The TH-85PF12U also features new NeoPDP™ technology, enabling the display to be larger, thinner, lighter, and more energy efficient than previous versions.

Since their October 2010 installation, the two TH-85PF12U Professional Plasma Displays have provided the company with the perfect boardroom display solution. Thanks to the reliability and ease of use of the Panasonic plasma displays and customized controls on the TouchPanel, Econolite’s IT team no longer spends time troubleshooting display issues or configurations, freeing up valuable resources to devote to other duties and thus improving its overall efficiency.

The Panasonic TH-85PF12U met Econolite’s every requirement. Small font sizes are readable from anywhere in the room; video conferencing is sharp and smooth, making it seem as if the person on the screen is almost in the room; the display integrated seamlessly with existing equipment and has freed up invaluable free time for the IT department. Following this successful first installation, the company is planning a phased rollout of new HD conferencing equipment in regional offices across North America.

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