What’s Next for Military Mobility?

Until recently, the history of computing and information technology in the military has been one of large systems. These systems, located far away from the dangerous battlefields, gathered intelligence, analyzed the data and then funneled information, as needed, to the soldiers in the field.

Today, that’s all changing.  The future of military computing will be to put many of those centralized capabilities into the hands of our soldiers, where the information can be immediately useful to help execute defense strategies and ultimately save precious lives.

The advent of cloud computing is enabling the decentralization of military systems. Now, using rugged IT hardware, from laptops to tablets to mobile phones, soldiers on the battlefield can access critical applications.   This anywhere, anytime approach to computing will depend on a new generation of hardware tailored for military applications.

Those in the field depend on sturdy equipment that can withstand harsh environments and still continue operating.  With that in mind, Panasonic Solutions Company has designed a line of fully rugged technologies and devices for government and military deployment.  Today, many government agencies and military units deploy reliable Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers to assure uninterrupted use.

Some current government applications of the Toughbook computers include:

  • Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2) Solution:  The FBCB2 forms the principal digital command and control system that delivers battle information from the brigade level down to the soldier level. FBCB2 uses Panasonic Toughbook computers because they enable robust mobile communications both in vehicles and when taken from vehicles into the field or command center.
  • Tactical Deployment Kits Solution: Many federal agencies, including theU.S. military, rely on rugged Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers to deliver vital uninterrupted connectivity, thereby allowing their personnel to quickly and effectively respond to urgent situations outside their normal territory.
  • U.S. Army Tactical Command Package (TAC-PAK) Solution:  TAC-PAKs together with Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers provide U.S. Army personnel with access to communications applications. The ruggedized design and long battery life, in conjunction with custom wireless equipment, allow Toughbook computers to be used in even the most isolated regions in the harshest weather conditions.

So, what’s next?  By mid-2012, Panasonic Solutions Company will introduce a new Toughbook tablet that will address a current gap in the marketplace by delivering a product designed with enterprise-scale security, functionality and real-world reliability in mind, even in the most extreme operating environments. While the current line of Toughbook products are successfully meeting the demand and offering the highest security, functionality and durability for government and military use, the yet-to-be-released tablet is the next generation of fully rugged products.