Peer Collaboration Eases Mobile IT Integration

Smart phones, tablets, mobile PCs and other various technologies rule today’s work environment. According to a recent IDC report, the world’s mobile worker population will pass the one billion mark this year and grow to nearly 1.2 billion people – more than a third of the world’s workforce – by 2013. This transition to an increasingly mobile workforce creates a real challenge for CFOs, IT managers and of course, end-users.

The complexities of rolling out a new mobile technology solution or the challenges of managing security concerns associated with a mobile workforce can only be understood by a select group of people.  Although IT managers tend to have support teams, when everyone is facing the same problem, it’s hard to find a fresh perspective. Most seasoned IT professionals know the benefit of taking a step outside the box and talking to others in their field.

Facing the challenges associated with managing mobile technology deployments can be simplified through interacting with peers at smaller, more focused industry events. These events typically host educational panels, workshops, case study reviews and perhaps most importantly, the opportunity to converse with peers and discuss industry trends.

Panasonic values the educational opportunities offered by these types of peer-focused events. We have created an environment for customers and partners to interact with each other and share best practices through programs like the Panasonic Healthcare Symposium and the Panasonic Thought Leadership Forum. Both conferences are great opportunities to understand how similar organizations approach mobile technology challenges.

Our Healthcare Symposium runs from September 11th – September 13th; this year’s event takes place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Conference attendees are typically healthcare IT decision makers from major healthcare systems, large hospitals, home health agencies, blood centers, long tern healthcare centers, and Veterans Affairs facilities. Topics slated for the 2011 Healthcare Symposium include key issues affecting healthcare technology implementation, visualization solutions for enhanced patient care, best practices and technology trends.

If you’d like to attend the Healthcare Symposium, or learn more about the event, click here.

We also host the Thought Leadership Forum, a similar conference for the enterprise. Industries represented include utilities, petrochemical, oil & gas, telecommunications, broadband cable, field service, insurance, transportation, construction, beverage manufacturers, and supply chain logistics.

Click here, for details on Panasonic’s Thought Leadership Forum, from October 4th – 7th also taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina.